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Energy Management is the strategy of adjusting and optimizing energy using system and procedure so as to reduce energy requirement per unit of output while holding constant or reducing total costs of producing the output from these systems without compromising the energy needed for production.

Under energy management we have three solutions

Energy Audit

An energy audit is the inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, industrial site or home. This process or system is meant to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). In commercial and industrial real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprints. There 2 ways to do audit namely data-logging and load analysis.

We provide energy audit services, such as:

  • Data Logging
  • Load analysis
  • analysis of building and utility data, including study of the installed equipment and analysis of energy bills;
  • survey of the real operating conditions;
  • understanding of the building behaviour and of the interactions with weather, occupancy and operating schedules;
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Energy Savings Analysis
  • The selection and the evaluation of energy conservation measures;
  • The estimation of energy saving potential;
  • The identification of customer concerns and needs.
  • We also do repeated energy auditing process  to continually improve energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Design

Energy efficiency is a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption. Something is more energy efficient if it delivers more services for the same energy input, or the same services for less energy input. For example, when a compact florescent light (CFL) bulb uses less energy (one-third to one-fifth) than an incandescent bulb to produce the same amount of light, the CFL is considered to be more energy efficient. So in this stage we design systems that increases energy efficiency in your home or business so as to reduce high costs incurred in energy use and ultimately reducing the cost of production.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor is the ratio between the useful (true) power (kW) to the total (apparent) power (kVA) consumed by an AC electrical equipment or a complete electrical installation. Basically it is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is converted into useful work output with the ideal power factor being 1 as anything less than 1 would mean extra power is required to achieve the actual task at hand.

Power Factor correction would be the technology implemented to restore the power factor to as close as 1  this is normally achieved by the addition of capacitors to the electrical network which compensate for the reactive power demand of the inductive load and thus reduce the burden on the supply. This should be done without any negative effect on the operation of the equipment whilst reducing the electricity bill.

Our Power Factor Correction equipment maintenance includes checking that the system is operating at optimum performance levels. We check the following:

  • Electricity load reduction
  • Voltage levels
  • Harmonic content
  • Detailed equipment condition
  • Full functional operation


This level of maintenance is recommended by manufacturers to be undertaken every 6 months, or as required.

A comprehensive report is supplied.

When is Power Factor Correction right for you? Are you experiencing…

  1. Motor failure
  2. Electrical or electronic equipment failure
  3. Overheating of transformers, switchgear and cabling
  4. Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or fuses
  5. Unstable equipment operation
  6.  High energy usage and costs


Renewable energy

We strive to reduce carbon emissions by supplying renewable energy from a decentralised basis of production facilities, offering new innovative services measuring energy performances and invest in new clean energy technologies and projects.

Our core business is the design and implementation of turnkey renewable energy systems. We offer domestic and commercial scale wind, solar electric, and bio-gas energy systems for businesses, communities and government owned facilities.

SusTech is leading efforts to:

  • develop a strong and prosperous clean energy industry by being a thought leader
  • reduce negative impacts on nature and the environment
  • improve the lives of our employees and the communities we work in.

We are building a culture that allows our people to integrate sustainability into every part of our day-to-day operations.


  • UPS Systems
  • Backup solutions
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Off grid solutions
  • Voltage regulator installations
  • Utility grid installations
  • HV and LV switch gear installation
  • Surge protection systems and Earthing
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Security and cctv systems
  • Access control systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Power Factor Correction Units installation
  • Phase Balancing
  • DB upgrading

We do maintenance of existing solar systems and in this package it includes cleaning of solar panel, battery water filling and acid removal, dust removal on electrical equipment and maintenance check.

Battery Maintanance and Servicing

Water filling

  • Manual  - Pouring distilled water if levels have dropped
  • Automatic - installing automatic battery water filling systems to new or already existing battery banks

Battery Quality testing

  • Specific gravity (SG) measurement and correction
  • Load testing
  • Battery life time calculation

Solar system maintanance

  • Solar Panel cleaning – dust removal
  • Inverter servicing
  • Solar System troubleshooting - Perfomance checks

 Power Factor Correction

  • Troubleshooting faulty PFC units
  • Servicing – maintain PFC electrical integrity
  • Upgrading exisitng PFC unit, to improve PF levels
  • Scheduled maintance for PFC unit to unsure optimum perfomance

Domestic and Industrial Electrical Maintenance

  • Phase Balancing - Load redistribution between supply phases
  • Distriution Board  re-wiring / DB upgrading

Electrical Inspections