Family Home - Glen Lorne (30kVA)

Zimbabwe has been hit by ongoing power shortages and power cuts are the order of the day. In the midst of all this chaos there is a house in the suburb of Glen Lorne in Harare which does not experience these shortages. Utilizing cutting-edge technology from Victron, Netherlands, the house enjoys continuous power supply from three sources of power (Solar, Mains and Generator). The solar energy is the priority with the mains power as fallback and in rare occasions the generator comes in to power the loads. With ZERA also putting in legislation in place for net metering very soon the system will be able to produce for the house and any excess credited by feeding back to grid.

"We opted for SMA and Victron products as they are currently the best quality inverters available on the market. By installing the PV system we are not only doing our bit for the environment, but our decision makes sound financial sense too."

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size 15 300 Wp
System Type Ground mounted
Solar Inverter SMA Sunny Tripower 15 000 TL
Battery Inverters 3*Victron Quattro 10kVA (30kVA-3Phase)
Battery Size 2376 Ah(C5)
Commissioned July 2016
Annual Yield Approx. 20 746 kWh
Special Feature

Hybrid Solar System capable of managing solar energy, mains energy, battery storage and generator to provide continuous power to house.