HIV& AIDS Research Site - Chitungwiza (30kVA)

The HIV virus has adversely affected peoples’ lives around the world. Africa (Zimbabwe included) has felt the worst effects due to the high unemployment rates and extreme levels of poverty. A lot of research and donor funded programs have been put forward to implement high quality science addressing HIV prevention and therapy; its aim being to control Zimbabwe’s HIV/AIDS epidemic and contribute to global policy.
At this particular research site, the technology is now being affected by the erratic power supply. Generators have been implemented but have proved to be unsustainable and noisy at hospital facilities. A sustainable solution is to implement a solar solution.

"We opted for solar as it is the most sustainable solution for us. We have had generators at other sites but as soon as the project capital has been used up we have faced a new problem of having to provide fuel for the generators. Solar has proved to be the ultimate solution for us as we continue to make our own energy from the sun long after the donor capital is used up."

- Facility Manager

System Data

Solar size 4 000 Wp
System Type Roof mounted
Solar Inverter AE 5 000TL
Battery Inverters 3*Victron Quattro 10kVA (30kVA-3phase)
Battery Size 1188 Ah(C5)
Commissioned February 2016
Annual Yield Approx. 4800 kWh
Special Feature

Hybrid Solar System capable of managing solar energy, mains energy, battery storage and generator to provide continuous power to research facility.