Storage Facility - Msasa (1500VA)

At this facility there are dozens of 40 ft and 20 ft containers that are rented to tenants as storage facilities. A lot of companies use this storage facility to store away stock while individuals store excess furniture and other equipment which you may not have room for at the house.
Good lighting and a solid security system is imperative for customers to continue trusting the storage facility owner. However, due to the bad power supply that has been experienced in Zimbabwe, the owner found it harder and harder to provide lighting and security consistently.
This is when Sustech came in with an affordable, sustainable and ingenious solution to the problem. Two 300Wp solar panels generate enough energy for the basic lighting and CCTV security system continuously.

We opted for solar after Sustech engineers had given us sound advice. After months and months of worrying and uncertainty we can now rest! We definitely are going to use Sustech for all our projects including my house.

- Facility Owner, Pete Musto

System Data

Solar size 600 Wp
System Type Roof mounted
Solar MPPT Nexus 30 A
Battery Inverters 1500 VA Xmpala
Battery Size 204 Ah
Commissioned September 2016
Annual Yield Approx. 730 kWh
Special Feature

Simple and affordable solar system capable of providing continuous power to storage facility’s security and lighting systems.