Family Home - Katanga, Norton (1600VA)

With the frequent utility power cuts and the introduction of prepaid electricity metering, the system owner needed an alternative cost effective power source to guarantee hundred percent availability of power and reduce reliance on the grid at short term return investment.

SusTech designed and installed a solar system that utilizes solar energy during the day when sun light intensity is most prominent and at night it utilizes energy stored in the batteries.  In the event that there is low sunlight intensity and batteries fall below set level, grid comes in to assist powering the house.

The installed solar system takes advantage of the high end properties of Victron inverters, efficient charging algorithm of Victron MPPT solar controllers and long lasting energy capacity of Victron Gel batteries with a touch of a Victron battery monitoring unit.

“Efficient smart power delivery, to power up home appliances without the worry of utility load shading . We have since reduced our electricity bills cost with about 80%.  Solar irikufaya !!!”

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size 1800Wp
System Type Roof mounted
Solar MPPT 150/35 * 2
Battery Inverters Victron Multiplus 1.6kVA
Battery Size 440Ah (C20)
Commissioned October 2016
Annual Yield Estimate 2847 kWh
Special Feature

Hybrid Solar System capable of managing solar energy, mains energy, battery storage and generator to provide continuous power to research facility.