Family Home - Avondale (3kVA)

With the unreliable domestic utility power of Zimbabwe, power shortages and power cuts have become an order of the day, but despite the power challenges, a family home situated in Avondale-Harare enjoys uninterruptable power supply to their home’s appliances.

After years of utility power challenges faced by the client, Sustech was tasked to design and install a safe home - power backup system to guarantee interruptible power suppy to the home.

The installed backup system implements the efficient power and energy delivery  of Powerbank inverter systems and Trojan batteries respectively. Fast inverter automatic switching ensures a smooth transparent transition between utility and backup power sources. Therefore power to the appliances is uninterrupted during transition.

This is a reliable and efficient power backup system. We don’t even notice when there is a utility power cut, the system automatically switches to backup with unnoticeable delay, now we can use our home appliances without interruptions

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size N/A
System Type 3 kVA Backup System
Solar MPPT N/A
Battery Inverters 3 kVA Powerbank (SPH 3000)
Battery Size 225Ah (C20)
Commissioned February 2017
Annual Yield N/A
Special Feature

Efficient Backup System capable of fast automatic switching between mains energy and battery storage  incase of utility power cuts or low voltage  instances.