HIV& AIDS Specimen Storage Facility - Strathaven (60kVA)

HIV and AIDS research is an intense process of data gathering and data processing, thus storage of data and its efficient processing are of paramount importance in achieving groundbreaking results towards the alleviation of this epidemic.

Constant power supply to the data servers, specimen freezers and nitrogen gas compressors was of critical need at such a facility, therefore the client opted for a backup system capable of managing the grid power, generator and backup storage to guarantee uninterruptable power supply to the facility appliances so as to preserve critical research data and specimens.

“ Data and research specimens are critical resources in the achievement of new promising results towards the control and alleviation of HIV and AIDS, therefore constant availability of power is of utmost need to preserve and process this data. Thus we opted for a smart backup system that would guarantee uninterrupted power supply to the facility’s electrical equipment, by switching between power sources incase of utility power cuts or faults. Victron backup system with its programmable capabilities, autonomous decisions and protection mechanisms proved to be the best way to go.”

- Facility Manager

System Data

Solar size N/A
System Type 60kVA Backup System
Solar MPPT N/A
Battery Inverters 6*Victron Quattro 10kVA (60kVA-3Phase)
Battery Size 2376 Ah(C5)
Commissioned 2015
Annual Yield N/A
Special Feature

Backup System managing the grid and generator with fast auto-switch transition, ensuring uninterruptable power to the storage facility equipment when there is no utility power or when  generator is off