Family Home - Greendale (6kVA)

Power cuts and utility power failures have become a trend in people’s day to day lives, leaving homes in darkness for hours, days and even up to months. In the midst of it all, a home in Greendale Harare enjoys uninterrupted continuous power in the darkest times of power cuts.


Utilizing a nature blending solar system, smart inverter and battery technologies, the implemented solar system guarantees this home their needed power and  energy requirements in the most cost effective setting. Therefore the family enjoys clean energy and saving them money on their utility bills.

“ Due to the unreliable grid electricity we opted to go solar implementing a grid tied solar system that manages our grid power, battery power and solar power to provide us with continuous uninterrupted power. Solar Power is just amazing ! !”

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size 4160 Wp
System Type Roof Mounted
Solar Inverter 4000 - TL
Battery Inverters MLT Drives Oasis 6kVA
Battery Size 450Ah (C20)
Commissioned 2015
Annual Yield Approx 6424 kWh
Special Feature

Hybrid Solar System capable of managing  solar energy, mains energy and battery storage to provide continuous power to the house including the borehole system.