Family Home - Quinnington (10kVA)

Client was in need of a supplementary power source that was cleaner, noise free and environmentally friendly, to provide them with power incases of utility power cuts and faults and give them partial independency from the utility grid. With these in mind the best solution was to go solar.

With the clients realization of Victron Inverter’s programmable priority and string connection capability amongst the list of their advantageous properties, the client was interested and decided to utilize its properties. Solar power being the first priority and the mains power being the fallback power source, and in rare occasions the generator kicks into power loads.

The Hybrid solar system is equipped with Victron’s Color control remote monitor, the system can be monitored and configured remotely.

“ We are enjoying reliable, clean and environmentally friendly power, saving us money on electricity bills  and no more worrying about utility power cuts and faults. We can happily rest from the generator’s noise. ”


- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size 6240 Wp
System Type Roof Mounted
Solar Inverter 2*KSTAR 4000TL
Battery Inverters Victron Quattro 10kVA
Battery Size 1188 Ah(C5)
Commissioned 2015
Annual Yield Approx 9898 kWh
Special Feature

Hybrid Solar System capable of managing solar energy, mains energy and battery storage to provide continuous power to the house including the borehole system.