Family Home Cottage - Borrowdale (10kVA)

For the setup at their homestead and the house being occupied on most hours of the day, continuous power was of paramount need for the family. A noise free backup power solution that would guarantee them uninterrupted power, with automatic change over between grid and backup without human interaction was of the most viable solution for the client. Therefore client decided to implement battery backup.

The installed battery backup system utilizes MLT Drives efficient, and protection safe inverter and high capacity industrial batteries from First National Battery to give them more autonomy. Also installed are Victron’s battery monitor, an automatic battery water filling system to monitor and retain the batteries health respectively.

“ One of our main backup system requirements was a system that would give us automatic power change over between the power sources without cutting power to our appliances. Since the day we installed this system we have experienced continuous power at our home, we don’t even notice the transition between the two sources of power. We enjoy continuous noise free power and maintain natures peaceful environment ”

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size N/A
System Type 10kVA Backup System
Solar MPPT N/A
Battery Inverters MLT Drives Oasis 10kVA
Battery Size 1188 Ah(C5)
Commissioned 2015
Annual Yield N/A
Special Feature

Backup System capable of managing mains energy and battery storage to provide uninterrupted power to the house.