Family Home - Chishawasha Hills (3kVA)

Regular power cuts and utility faults affected this home, leaving them with no power four hours. Thus power to the homestead’s critical loads was of Paramount importance, therefore client required a solar system that would guarantee them uninterrupted power to their critical loads.

A nature blending solar system with secure mounting frame designed by Sustech (Pvt) Ltd, smart inverter and battery technologies, the implemented solar system guarantees this home their needed power and energy for their critical loads. The family now enjoys clean energy and saving them a great percentage of money on their utility bills.

With the upcoming ZERA’s net metering and grid feedback legislation, the system will be able to produce energy for the house and any excess credited by feeding back to grid.

“Before installation of this Solar system, we faced challenges with un-notified  power cuts leaving critical loads unpowered. We sometimes had to switch on the generator but the noise and maintenance costs incurred were a head ache. Now with solar power we enjoy free energy and don’t have to worry about power cuts anymore.”

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size 2700Wp
System Type Roof Mounted
Solar MPPT Inbuilt MPPT ( 3000Wp Max Solar Power)
Battery Inverters Mecer Hybrid 3kVA
Battery Size 225 Ah (C20)
Commissioned July 2017
Annual Yield Aprox. 4599kWh
Special Feature

Hybrid Solar System capable of managing  solar energy, mains energy to selected critical loads. Uninterruptable power changeover capability between grid and inverter system