Family Home - Cold Comfort (3kVA)

For every 21st Century home, energy is one of the main resources needed for every home. Energy mainly for either lighting, water heating and entertainment.  With the dawn of the age, solar power is becoming the most viable solution for a home’s energy source. Its clean, noise free, minimal operational cost  and reliable nature makes it the cut above the rest of the energy sources.


After this family finished building their new home, they needed a viable electricity power solution at their homestead. After weighing all the advantages and disadvantages for the various power solutions, they opted for solar energy for all their lighting and entertainment systems. They also went a green foot print further by choosing biogas for their water heating and cooking needs.


“ With no utility power connected at our home we opted for solar energy as a contingency plan awaiting utility power installation, but in using solar we realized we can do without utility. Solar powers gives uninterrupted, guaranteed power. We can sleep knowing that we have energy anytime of the day .”

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size 600Wp
System Type Roof Mounted
Solar MPPT Inbuilt MPPT (1500Wp Max Solar Power)
Battery Inverters Mecer Hybrid 3kVA
Battery Size 200Ah (C20)
Commissioned April 2017
Annual Yield Approx. 1022 kWh
Special Feature

Off-grid Solar System capable of providing continuous power to the house’s appliances