Family Home - Lewisam (3kVA)

With the frequent utility power cuts and high voltage surges at utility supply faults that can damage household appliances, the system owner needed an alternative cost effective power source to guarantee hundred percent availability of clean power and reduce reliance on the grid at short term return investment. 


The installed Solar System makes use of highly efficient MLT inverters, MPPT charge controller, high capacity Trojan FLA batteries and voltage regulator to regulate the utility supply to the inverter, thus protecting the system from over voltage and under voltage surges.

“ For the years I have been using solar energy, my appreciation for it grows more each day. I don’t remember the last time I recognized a utility power cut, the automatic changeover between power sources is unnoticeable. Solar Power is the way to go.”

- Homeowner

System Data

Solar size 600Wp
System Type Roof Mounted
Solar MPPT 40A
Battery Inverters MLT Drives 3kVA
Battery Size 225 Ah (C20)
Commissioned 2015
Annual Yield Approx. 989.04kWh
Special Feature

Hybrid Solar System capable of managing  solar energy and mains energy